Why we exist

Our Story

Our story goes back a couple of decades.

Our Founder Colin was screened as a young Scottish boy at school for hearing difficulties. Although it was clear he had some challenges, he passed the tests and no significant problems were detected.

One day when he was just 12 years old, he was busy playing with his new Casio watch. His brother appeared at the doorway of his bedroom to ask him to stop making so much noise – the beeps from the watch were very annoying. But Colin had not heard any beeps at all. He was not aware he was causing any noise. In truth he did have significant hearing problems. The standard screening tests simply had not picked them up.

Unfortunately, too many years of undiagnosed issues had gone by and the damage had been done. For Colin this meant that his years at school, his university time, dating and socialising, holidaying and enjoying even simple everyday activities would all be severely impacted by his hearing difficulties. He would feel isolated and, like others who experience this, it would impact negatively on his mental health. It could have been career limiting.

But Colin had always felt strongly about creating change. He wanted to make a difference to society and contribute meaningful changes that improve the lives of others. He wished for a world where hearing loss could be detected early, and effectively, every time, so that his experience would not be repeated.

Whilst studying his degree in Computing Science, the opportunity to make such a difference became clearer. He determined a way in which algorithms and medical imaging could be used to improve healthcare management. Through that journey, he began to apply his thinking and considerable knowledge to the field of hearing.

At the same time, and as a young girl in Germany, Claudia had grown up in a family with hearing problems. Her passion was Biology and, in her study of Neurobiology, she found herself in a department specialising in the auditory system. This sparked her interest in hearing loss and provided her with the opportunity to apply herself to investigating how getting older changes the ability to hear and understand sounds.

Together, Colin and Claudia realised that by teaming up and combining their passion, talents, and skills, they would be able to drive and implement meaningful change and tangible differences for individuals living with hearing loss. And so, Hearing Diagnostics was launched.