We believe that everyone affected by hearing loss should have convenient and easy access to care. For this to happen, reliable hearing testing needs to become more accessible and readily available.

We have developed a new hearing testing technology, Audimetroid, that makes hearing screening accurate and cost-efficient. Our mission is to drive forward a new era of care where hearing assessments become commonplace, accessible, and accepted.



Our mission is to increase accessibility of hearing care on a global scale.


We provide technology to healthcare providers, hearing aid retailers, and local communities for reliable and accessible hearing testing outside of hospitals.


AUDIMETROID uses a spatial paradigm, wherein the patient listens to spatially-localised sounds, simulated in real-time using headphones and inertia measurement sensors. The patient is instructed to turn their head to face towards the perceived sound direction.

By analysing patient head movements, we can determine which sounds the patient actually heard, and we can do so with greater reliability than has been achievable to-date by incumbent test paradigms.


Our team combines skills from hearing research, computing science, software engineering, statistics, and medical device development.

Dr Claudia Freigang
CEO & Co-Founder
Dr Colin Horne
CTO & Co-Founder
Matthew Hitchman
Software Engineer
Dr Eunice Ibala
Operations Researcher
Luke Dawe
Junior Software Engineer


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