Accurate, cost-efficient hearing tests without a hospital.

Cost-efficient, modern hearing testing purpose-built for healthcare providers, hearing aid retailers, and local communities.

About Us

The future of hearing testing belongs to communities, not hospitals.

The Hearing Diagnostics Engine is industry-defining technology for better hearing testing. With this technology, it’s possible for community healthcare providers to offer accurate and cost-efficient hearing testing outside of hospitals, at a reasonable cost.

AUDIMETROID leverages the power and accuracy of the Hearing Diagnostics Engine to empower community-based healthcare providers to easily, cost-effectively help patients gain access to critical and reliable preventative care. All without a hospital or advanced training in audiology.

Fast facts about hearing loss and prevention

65% of adults aged 60+ experience hearing loss

1.5 Billion people around the world live with hearing loss

1 out of 5 people tested for hearing loss are misdiagnosed

50% of hearing loss can be prevented with better public health measures

Conduct objective, accurate hearing loss assessments without a hospital.

Presently, reliable hearing testing requires trained professionals to conduct assessments in hospitals. This places an unnecessary burden on audiologists to leave more critical care situations in order to administer hearing tests and creates barriers for patients to access hearing care. But hearing tests conducted outside of hospitals by untrained audiologists were (and continue to be) inaccurate and unreliable. 

In fact, two out of every ten patients tested in community settings are wrongly diagnosed: people who need further care for hearing loss are often left untreated, and people without genuine hearing loss are flagged for further testing and care.

This is where AUDIMETROID comes in: with wireless, lightweight tech that’s easy to use and deploy, community healthcare providers can efficiently introduce reliable hearing testing where it’s needed most.

AUDIMETROID is purpose-built technology that can be administered by an untrained professional in a non-hospital setting. Plus, AUDIMETROID all but eliminates the risk of missed or misdiagnosis during hearing testing due to its unique spatial testing paradigm and state-of-the-art analytical framework. With minimal, wireless, easy-to-use equipment, even untrained providers can safely administer the assessment in a matter of minutes.


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