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The Hearing Diagnostics Engine

Industry-defining technology for better hearing testing.

The first of its kind.

Better, easier, more accurate hearing testing.

AUDIMETROID leverages the power and accuracy of the Hearing Diagnostics Engine to deliver clinical-level results in a community setting. AUDIMETROID uses a spatial paradigm to screen for hearing loss: by asking a patient to turn their head and body to face the perceived direction of sound throughout the test, it’s virtually impossible to miss or misdiagnose hearing loss while using AUDIMETROID. Watch the video to learn more.

State of the art technology

The Hearing Diagnostics Engine is revolutionary technology that enables accessible, accurate hearing testing. With a one-of-a-kind statistical framework that enforces a sensitivity level of at least 99% the Hearing Diagnostics Engine makes it possible for community healthcare providers to offer clinical-level results without any training in audiology.

The Hearing Diagnostics Engine is incorporated into purpose-built software and hardware, including AUDIMETROID: a fully automated hearing screener for use by community retailers and healthcare professionals.

Lightweight, wireless technology designed for easy, fast adoption:

Unlike traditional hearing tests, which are typically conducted in hospitals by trained audiologists, AUDIMETROID is wireless, lightweight technology that’s easy to understand, and easy to deploy.

Plus, AUDIMETROID is less sensitive to background noise than a traditional hearing test, and can accurately, easily determine which sounds a patient actually heard. This means that a patient is far less likely to respond to sounds that aren’t really there, and more accurate will occur, even when conducted outside of a hospital by someone untrained in audiology.

Accurate, reliable hearing testing, in just five steps:

Prepare | Listen | Focus | Turn | Stay

What sets AUDIMETROID apart?

Compare AUDIMETROID with traditional hearing loss testing paradigms:

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