Our team

The team at Hearing Diagnostics draws on a wide range of skillsets, academic and real-world experience.

As our products and services develop further, we are continually looking to strengthen and expand our team – please check out job page for current opportunities to join us.

Dr Claudia Freigang 

CEO & co-founder

  • Former auditory neuroscientist in hearing research 
  • Passionate about driving progress in healthcare by building and engaging in multidisciplinary and inclusive collaborations.
  • Strong connections with leaders in the NHS, academia, and industry 

Dr Colin Horne 

CTO & co-founder

  • Computing scientist and entrepreneur passionate about advancing technology in healthcare
  • Background in computing science and medical research 
  • Expertise in algorithms, software engineering, and hearing sciences

Dr Claire Morand

Technology Team Lead

  • Coming from a background in video and image processing, developed into a software engineer with technical leadership experience.

Matthew Hitchman 

Software Engineer

  • Started out by studying music technology before moving into software engineering via testing audio software. 

Anamaria Grijincu

External Strategy Consultant

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Masters student intrigued by startups in the health space with a growing interest in strategy consulting
  • Passionate about connecting the world of business with science
  • Honours Bachelors in Biochemistry from Imperial College London

Paul-Byran Roberts 

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

  • Systems software engineer with a hands-on approach to the challenges of Greenfield Projects.