About us

Hearing Diagnostics Limited was founded by two former researchers in hearing science, Dr Colin Horne and Dr Claudia Freigang, with the vision to develop a technological solution to drive wide-spread adoption, uptake and scaling of hearing care services.

Co-founders Dr Claudia Freigang and Dr Colin Horne

The team

Dr. Claudia Freigang 

CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Freigang is a former auditory neuroscientist in hearing research. She’s passionate about driving real progress in healthcare by building and engaging in multi-disciplinary and inclusive collaborations. She regularly works with leaders in the NHS, academia, and industry.

Dr. Colin Horne

CTO & Co-founder

Dr. Horne is a computing scientist and entrepreneur. He’s passionate about using his background in algorithms, software engineering, hearing sciences, and research to help advance technology in healthcare.

Matthew Hitchman

Software engineer

Matthew started out by studying music technology before moving into software engineering via testing audio software.

Dr. Eunice Ibala

Operations researcher

Dr. Ibala is a biomedical engineer (PhD) specialising in medical device development with a background in mechatronics and systems design. Her special interests are in multidisciplinary work involving healthcare, academic research, and end user collaborations.

Luke Dawe

Junior software engineer

Luke joined the team after graduating from the University of Dundee with a BSc in Computer Science.

Claire Miller

Operations associate

Claire is a former Product Technologist & Data Analyst who is passionate about product development and business growth.

Stuart Axon

Commercial consultant

Stuart joined the team with an extensive background in sales and procurement in the hearing care industry, with over 45 years experience in negotiating and leading procurement negotiations for large-scale contracts (20 years in the public sector (NHS), 20+ years at manufacturers and retailers)

Sophie Halliday

Trainee Audiologist

Sophie joined the team after graduating from Napier University with a BSc in Paediatric Nursing.

The team at Hearing Diagnostics draws on a wide range of skillsets, academic, and real-world experience.