Boost Uptake of Hearing Care with On-the-Spot Hearing Testing with AUDIMETROID

Traditional hearing testing has an accessibility problem. As a result, adequate hearing care remains out of reach for the 80% of people who experience hearing loss but fail to seek help.

For decades, reliable hearing testing has only been available in hospitals or hearing centers, under the administration of a trained audiologist. Often, an appointment for a hearing test can only be made following a referral from a physician, and due to the shortage of audiologists across the country, patients can wait weeks for an appointment. 

These barriers to care make seeking help for hearing loss—something that many people already find difficult or embarrassing—even more challenging.

But these hurdles to adequate testing and care are unnecessary, and they don’t need to remain a reality.

AUDIMETROID: Instantly Improve Accessibility to Hearing Testing and Care

AUDIMETROID is a modern solution that empowers community healthcare providers to remove traditional barriers to adequate hearing testing and care. It’s the world’s first purpose-built, accurate hearing testing technology for community-based healthcare providers. There are several key ways that AUDIMETROID can drive on-the-spot hearing testing and, ultimately, boost uptake of hearing care:

Lightweight & Mobile:
AUDIMETROID is lightweight, wireless technology that can be deployed in any number of environments. With just a headset, a smartphone, and a controller, all a healthcare provider needs to safely administer a hearing test with AUDIMETROID is a quiet, safe room. 

To see AUDIMETROID in action, you can request a demo by clicking here: request a demo.

Accurate & Reliable:
AUDIMETROID delivers results with clinical levels of accuracy. This means that hearing loss can be reliably assessed in a comfortable, community environment, which offers patients and healthcare providers, alike, a clear path forward. 

These results are possible due to AUDIMETROID’s spatial testing paradigm, which asks patients to simply turn their head to face the direction of perceived sound direction. This means that patients are far less likely to respond to sounds that aren’t actually there, and it’s easier to determine which sounds a patient has actually heard. With reliable results, people with levels of hearing loss that are treatable in a community healthcare setting (with OTC hearing aids, for example) are able to act quickly, and those with more significant hearing loss can be flagged for further evaluation and care. 

To learn more about how AUDIMETROID can easily, reliably be deployed in a community healthcare environment, just click here: learn more.

Fast & Effective:
A hearing test with AUDIMETROID is quick, and the results of a patient’s hearing test are available immediately. This speed enables community healthcare providers and retailers to offer appropriate insight and advice, in real time. 

It’s established that increased time between diagnosis and care of many conditions, including hearing loss, results in less adequate care being provided, and an increased likelihood that a patient’s condition will worsen. It’s crucial that the time between a hearing assessment and the provision of suitable care (including OTC hearing aids, or an onward referral) be reduced as far as possible. This helps to ensure improved patient outcomes while boosting uptake of appropriate hearing care. 

To learn more about how AUDIMETROID can drive uptake of OTC hearing aids, click here: read the blog.

AUDIMETROID’s lightweight, reliable, technology and near real-time results means that community healthcare providers can more easily provide hearing testing, and more effectively drive uptake of appropriate hearing care for residents.

To learn more about how AUDIMETROID can revolutionize the way that your community approaches hearing testing and care, just reach out to a member of the team.

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