Want to Elevate the Way Your Community Approaches Healthcare?

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Start with Hearing Care.

For community healthcare providers, there’s never been a better time to elevate the way that your teams deliver critical healthcare and support to residents.

Not only are communities around the US seeing positive impact from community-based health initiatives delivered by community health workers, there’s currently an unprecedented amount of federal funding being diverted towards community health worker training. Taken together, these successes clearly demonstrate that community-based healthcare is the model of the future. 

For community healthcare providers looking to elevate their approach to testing and treatment for any number of community health issues, hearing care presents the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and revamp your strategy. 

Why start with hearing care?

Put simply: end-to-end hearing care has never been easier to deploy. Between cutting-edge technologies that make hearing testing more accessible, reliable, and accurate than ever before, and cost-effective, self-service OTC treatment options, comprehensive hearing care is fast and easy to deploy, and delivers impact that spans physical well-being and economic health.

Traditionally, hearing testing has occurred in hospitals, with tests administered by audiologists. Patients must generally receive a referral in order to schedule a hearing test, and it’s not uncommon for people to wait weeks before getting an appointment. There are other barriers to traditional hearing testing that can make it difficult—or even impossible—for individuals to obtain care. These include a national shortage of audiologists, and inaccessible testing facilities

Moreover, it’s often the case that individuals who suffer from hearing loss wait years before seeking care: This makes accessible, on-the-spot hearing testing a critical tool for healthcare providers looking to better manage and treat hearing loss in their communities.

And addressing hearing loss in communities is key: hearing loss affects an estimated 40 million American adults, and the impact of hearing loss on these individuals can be profound. Hearing loss has been directly linked to cognitive decline and depression, and an overall reduced quality of life. Further, there is an economic impact of hearing loss on communities: globally, it’s estimated to be $750 Billion, with untreated hearing loss costing society hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

But these problems are ones that communities are capable of solving.

The tech that’s paving the way for a revolution in community-focused hearing care

AUDIMETROID is the world’s first purpose-built hearing technology for community-based healthcare providers. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and it delivers clinical levels of accuracy without the need for a hospital or audiologist.

Crucially, AUDIMETROID can be deployed by any healthcare provider, in almost any location. Team members can safely, easily administer a hearing test using AUDIMETROID, even if they don’t have formal training in audiology. And because AUDIMETROID was designed to be lightweight and wireless, it can be deployed in virtually any setting, including pharmacies, community centers, or retirement homes. All that’s required is a safe, quiet room.

And with AUDIMETROID, results are delivered in near real-time, so patients are informed almost immediately of their hearing classification. Within minutes of taking a hearing test, a patient will know whether they have normal hearing, mild to moderate hearing loss, or severe hearing loss that requires onward referral to an audiologist for further testing and diagnosis.

For individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, healthcare providers can then offer access to OTC hearing aids. OTC hearing aids have been available in the US for about a year, and provide an incredible opportunity for healthcare providers and retailers to boost adoption of hearing aids, and better tackle hearing loss in their communities.

Immediately following a hearing test with AUDIMETROID, a patient can be fitted for an OTC hearing aid. This creates a seamless experience for patients that includes testing and treatment all in one location, and without any unnecessary delays. This type of comprehensive care journey is a revolution in hearing care, and a key opportunity for healthcare providers and retailers to evolve their approach to a key community health issue.

Hearing care is undergoing a revolution, and communities are paving the path forward.

To learn more about how AUDIMETROID can elevate the way that your community approaches healthcare, just get in touch with a member of our team. And for more details about how AUDIMETROID and on-the-spot hearing testing can boost uptake of OTC hearing aids, explore this blog.

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